Welcome to STEAM Academy of Akron!

-Tuition free education

-Transportation provided

STEAM Academy of Akron is a tuition-free, public charter school of choice for K-7 students. The mission of STEAM Academy is to put student academic achievement first with the goal of supporting every child to grow academically 1.00-1.25 years for every year at our school. To provide ethical leadership, a consistent focus on quality professional development for our staff, responsible governance and fiscal responsibility. A sense of community at STEAM Academy Of Akron is focused on providing a child with individualized learning, the development of their creativity and the ability to self-direct. These elements will be taught by highly qualified teachers focused on preparing our youth to be successful citizens in our ever-changing world.

A “STEAM” education provides all students with the tools needed in a 21st century economy. A rigorous and relevant STEAM education improves student achievement in all subjects and helps teach problem solving, critical thinking, collaborative skills, and creativity. With an emphasis on “A” in “STEAM” we focus on Visual Arts as a special for students, learning Art History, Visual Art Standards all while providing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Why STEAM Academy?

  1. Highly Qualified Teachers
  2. Community Based
  3. Outstanding Performance Level:
    A in value added, our students are making a year or more worth of growth in math and reading
    B in K-3 Literacy, our students are on target for making the 3rd grade reading guarantee
  4. Small class sizes
  5. Extended school hours
  6. Full day kindergarten program
  7. Computers, smartboards, and internet
  8. Data driven instruction:
    We asses students on a regular basis and meet their academic needs based on results