Why Enroll at STEAM? 


STEAM Stats 

Transportation: Provided

TUITION: No Cost  

School Established: 2013

Authorized By: Buckeye Community Hope Foundation

Grades Served: K-7

Instructional Days: 166

Local School District: Garfield

Principal: 1

Teachers: 11

Teachers with Masters or Higher: 6

Instructional Assistants: 3

Other Staff: 3

Enrollment: 174

Attendance Rate: 91%

Our Approach 

Data driven instruction

At STEAM, we are focused on giving your child exactly what he or she needs. We collect and analyze student data frequently so we can adjust student lesson plans as needed. This makes our approach highly dynamic and ensures each student receives the resources they need to succeed. 

Highly Qualified Teachers

We hire staff who are not only highly qualified, but who are also passionate about preparing the future generation for success. 

COmmunity Based

We believe that that a close connection between home and school is crucial to student performance. At STEAM Academy Akron we get involved with our community and emphasize the importance of being a productive community member.  

Outstanding Performance Level

In 2017 Steam was graded A in value added by the Ohio Department Of Education . This means our students are making a year or more worth of growth in math and reading. We were also graded B in K-3 Literacy which means our students are on target for making the 3rd grade reading guarantee. 

Small class sizes

Keeping class sizes small means your child will get more individualized attention on a daily basis. 

Extended school hours

Longer school days have been shown to increase student productivity and can also be easier on parents/guardians schedules. 

Full day kindergarten program

Our full day kindergarten program allows working parents and guardians to start their child's education early without the hassle of mid-day pickup.  

Computers, smartboards, and internet

The" T" in STEAM stands for Technology. At STEAM Academy Akron we are dedicated to exposing children to modern technology.  

Art at STEAM

With an emphasis on “A” in “STEAM” we focus on Visual Arts as a special for students, learning Art History, Visual Art Standards all while providing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics